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Get Your Home Ready for Fall in the Lehigh Valley

Winter isn't the only time of year you want to make sure your house is ready for the weather. The oncoming of fall is a good sign for you to go through a short checklist on a few housekeeping items that will keep your home looking and operating great before the winter weather hits.

Check your gutters, spouts, and schedule a cleaning: Get rid of the gunk in your gutters and make sure that you don't have any blockages before the leaves hit and make a problem even worse. And, if you don't do it yourself, be sure to book a cleaning before the local companies get slammed.

Get the blankets out: Some people never put them away, but now is a good time to break out the cozy blankets and pillows that make the fall and winter time super comfortable. Be sure to clean them if needed.

Fertilize your lawn: You can help to prevent winter damage and weeds from popping up in the spring by applying the proper fertilizer in the fall. Talk to a local professional to see exactly which type works best for you.

Check your chimney and fireplace, and stock up on firewood: Make sure you have enough wood for the winter before everyone else decides that they need to do the same! You'll also want to check your chimney and fireplace to make sure they are properly cleaned and working before you all huddle around it this fall and winter.

Check your furnace or boiler: Colder temperatures are going to put a strain on your furnace or boiler. If you have an annual inspection, now is the time to have them in. You want to make sure that your system is ready to handle that cold fall and winter weather when it finally arrives.

The most important thing, of course, is to have fun and enjoy what could be the best season in the whole United States: Fall in the Lehigh Valley!

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