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Halloween Tips for Lehigh Valley Homeowners

The Lehigh Valley is a fantastic place for Trick-or-Treating. It seems like every neighborhood has its own identity and personality, making each one a little bit different when you’re walking through it on a crisp, fall night surrounded by ghouls, ghosts, and probably some Pokemon.

And while the Lehigh Valley is fun for collecting candy, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a few precautions or plan ahead before trick-or-treaters arrive on your doorstep.

Make Sure Your House is as Lit Up as Possible

Double check to see if your outdoor fixtures are working properly to make sure trick-or-treaters know you’re ready to welcome them and their buddies.

Keep Your Door Ajar or Open

If it’s not too cold outside, try and keep your door slightly ajar or open while keeping your storm door shut. This further signals to trick-or-treaters that you’re open for business and also makes it easier for you to deal with large groups of children.

Clear the Curb

Make sure that trick-or-treaters have a clear path to your door. Unfortunately, many costumes make it easy for children to trip or obscure their vision, so making a clear and visible path to your candy should be paramount.

Use LED Lights Instead of Candles

There’s no reason to light your jack-o-lanterns with actual candles when LED lights can do the same job and maybe even make it brighter. It’s just one more thing you won’t have to worry about.

Turn Off Your Light When Trick-or-Treat is Over, but Keep Motion Lights On

When you’re all out of candy, you’ll want to turn your lights off to let trick-or-treaters know, but you also want to keep your motion lights on to make sure that anyone who does come by your house is discouraged from creeping around.

Halloween is always a fun time, but with a little preparation, you can make sure that everyone has the best one yet.

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