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5 Indoor Activities To Get You Through a Cold Spell with Kids

The Lehigh Valley is no stranger to cold weather. And while some winters may be worse than others, it's always a good idea to have a few indoor activities ready to go if it's either too cold, too windy, or otherwise just not a good idea to be outside, especially if your home has a few kids in it.

Here are a few activities that can help you get through being inside in the Lehigh Valley during winter!

1. Use those Amazon Boxes

We've all seen kids choose the empty canvas of a cardboard box over a new toy countless times and we all know you have a few Amazon boxes lying around. Put them to good use and build an awesome fort, or a new car, or pretty much anything.

2. Scavenger Hunt

If you've got some creative young minds who can't blow off steam outside, put their legs and brains to use with a scavenger hunt. Simply set up a few clues, all leading to the next clue, and leave a treasure at the end. What's that treasure? Well, it's totally up to whoever is making the hunt, of course!

3. Break out the Board Games

We made it through the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s with board games, why can't they still be fun? The answer is that they absolutely can still be fun. Not only is it a blast from the past to pull out some of your favorite games from years past, but there is almost no better way to up family communication skills than from a good game of Monopoly (that is, until someone quits when they land your Park Place full of hotels).

4. Cook Together

"Easier said than done." We know, we know. However, if you start early you can put together a fun crock pot recipe with the family. Your little ones can help by throwing in a bit of celery or other small ingredients and you can all celebrate when it's done later in the day.

5. Explore What They Love To Do

Sometimes it can be easy to simply dismiss iPads and video games since they were perhaps something you didn't use when you were younger. Why not flip the script and find some new fun games to try out together? Or, even better, spend the night before practicing how to play Fortnite and surprise your kids the next morning by still not knowing how to play Fortnite.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your time with your family during the cold and be sure to check on those who may be affected by colder weather.

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