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Five Ways to Kick Start Spring in Your Lehigh Valley Home

While the weather still might be chilly, we are ready for SPRING! From the greenery, light jackets, and temperatures, spring is extra amazing after a cold and snowy winter. But what do you do if those cold temperatures are still lingering and causing you to be in a blue mood? Just get your house a little springy in preparation!

Here are five things you can do in your home to get in a warmer-weather mood!

Put Away Those Winter Decorations Sure, that plush snowman greeting you at the front door is cute, but it’s time send him packing back to his storage bin. Cold weather friends can give an overall chilly vibe to a home and the last thing you want to feel is chilly after trudging inside from the cold. Give him one last snuggle and say goodbye until the end of fall, when you’re back to looking forward to winter again. Replace Frosty with some perky springtime critters like an Easter Bunny, nesting bird figurines, or even a bouquet of brightly colored faux flowers that don’t need a drop of water.

Let in Some Light While we might find ourselves at the office from sunrise to sunset, when we are home, try your best to let those sunshine days into your home, when you can. If you don’t want to see the bleak and bare trees out your window, try using some sheer or brightly colored curtains to mask the winter wonderland that is still outside.

Scent the Air with Florals There are a variety of ways to add delightful scents to your home from wax melts, oil diffusers, and room sprays. While fall and winter scents consist of baked good, cinnamon, and pine, now it’s time to switch it up! A light floral scent will spark your memory to times of warmth and spring breezes. Just take a trip to your local home-goods store and let your nose be the decision maker. Find a scent that makes you excited for the day (soon) that greenery will be peaking out though the ground.

Bring in Some Color Do you have a beautiful emerald green vase packed in your cabinet, or a fun and funky floral throw blanket tucked in your linen closet? How about a fresh set of sheets in a vibrant hue? They can transform your entire bedroom. If you have anything bright and colorful tucked away, now is the time to accent your home with those unexpected pops of color to emulate what you’ll soon be seeing outside in your very own backyard. Another great trick is to spread some greenery throughout your home with small potted plants!

Let in Some Fresh Air While it might not be possible all the time, if you find a day where those temps are just a little nicer, make sure to crack open your windows for a bit. The fresh air can be exhilarating and can really air out the sealed-for-the-winter aura of your home. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, you’d be amazed how a fresh breeze can make all the difference.

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