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Quick and Fun Ideas for Kids During the Spring

Kids love spring almost more than any other group. They are finally able to run outside without the hassle of a snowsuit and everything is in bloom. It's a magical time for them and, with not much planning, you can make it even more fun.

Here are some quick ideas that you can do this spring!

1. Set out on a Neighborhood Adventure

Not every walk needs to be a hike. Not every walk needs to even have a purpose. Why not explore your neighborhood with your little one and find new houses or spots or people! It's fun to turn your neighborhood into the center of an adventure.

2. An Impromptu Picnic

Who needs a park for a picnic? Sure, you can still head to one, but there's no harm in having a picnic on your own front porch or backyard. If it's raining, just move it to the living room!

3. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is pretty underrated. It does the trick, you can take it with you if you're heading to other events.

4. Start a Little Garden

We're not asking you to improve your green thumb that much. You and your little buddy can plant a small garden with either flowers or foods you can eat. You don't have to plant many for them to be amazed.

5. Make S'mores and Hotdogs

No matter how you cook them, there's something about these two foods during the spring and summer that make for lasting memories.

Of course, there are hundreds of things you can do, these are just some of our favorites!

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