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Five Simple Things to Spruce Up Your Spring Yard

Spring is here! While you might be motivated to roll up your sleeves and go all in, you might also find yourself exhausted at the prospect of taking on a huge task. From cleaning up old leaves that have been there since the fall to just cleaning out your disorganized shed, here are five simple things you can do to make that yard looking spectacular in no time.

Stick to one thing at a time

You might just want to tackle everything and anything within arms reach, but take a pause and stop. While your efforts are valiant, it can also be counter productive to start on a dozen things at once only to expend all your energy before you’ve actually finished any of them. Instead, start with one category and focus on it. That way you’ll be able to finish one task completely instead of feeling overwhelmed with multiple unfinished messes.

Clean out your shed

If you have a storage shed with various tools, decor, and outdoor items, it might be a little disheveled and musty after being sealed up all winter long. Prop those doors open, give everything a good once over, organize, and just let the space air out.

Get the dead leaves out of every corner

It might be easy to just grab up the leaves and debris that are seen, but by getting everything hiding in the corners, give yourself those extra few minutes to fish it out of those books and crannies. Not only will your space look great from every angle, but there are less spots for critters to hide out.

Trim overgrown plants While some fresh flowers and greenery always make a yard pop, you’d be surprised what might be hiding in that overgrown and sad azalea bush. By trimming back overgrown plants, you will allow it to bloom fuller and brighter, while also taming the wild mess it has become. Just use caution when doing this and be careful not to over-do it. Consult a pro if you’re unsure how to do it correctly.

Deep clean/ replace/repair old and sun-bleached outdoor decor

Old and shabby outdoor decor can make an otherwise clean yard look dull and lifeless. If you have rusted and old yard ornaments, consider repainting or simply replacing them with festive new ones. Same goes for outdoor fabrics. Your outdoor cushions might’ve taken a beating from last summer. Either new covers, or if needed, completely new cushions will bring a new vibrant pop to your space. They’ll probably be a lot more comfortable too.

So the next time you tackle your backyard, consider these tips that can make all the difference in a beautiful space that you’ll enjoy for months to come.

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