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The Benefits of Shopping For a Home in the Fall in the Lehigh Valley

If you think summer turning to fall means that you have to break looking for homes in the Lehigh Valley to purchase, be happy that you're wrong!
Typically, summer is the most expensive time to buy a home. Many home prices are the highest in June and July. Sure, you'll find the most inventory during these months, but you'll also find the most competition for these homes as well.
Continuing to shop for homes into the fall can actually turn out for the better. Here are some reasons why...
Home listings don't miraculously fall once summer ends. In many areas, they only decrease less than half a percent during this time period. So, while you THINK there may not be as many homes on the market after summer ends, you may actually be wrong depending on what area of the Lehigh Valley you live in.
Home sale prices are usually lowest in the winter. Let's be honest, the idea of looking at houses in freezing weather may not be the most fun, but it may be something that could lead to a fantastic price. If you can hold off a little longer on buying, or plan to allow your home shopping opportunities to move into the fall, you could help out your bottom line.
Be sure to get in touch with me, Cheryl Smith, if you're looking to buy or sell in the Lehigh Valley (no matter what time of year!)

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