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Rainy Day? 5 Things to Do Around The House

Getting stuck in due to the rain is a fact of life sometimes in the Lehigh Valley. It's especially a downer when it happens on a weekend since there is so much to do in the area.

If you're stuck inside, you might as well make the best of it.

Here are a few things you can try to get done on a rainy day. I mean, you're not doing anything else, right?

1. Change the HVAC Air Filter: This is one that commonly goes undone simply because most recommended replacement times for disposable air filters are at least a month. Time to take a look.

2. Clean the Dishwasher: These are getting fun, right? Listen, we don't take care of dishwashers the best we could. We put our food in them, run them, and then expect them to take more. It's not a bad idea to clean out your dishwasher from time to time to keep it working properly.

3. Fix a Wobbly Chair: Those never get fixed, do they? 4. Clean the Dryer Air Vent: Seriously, you'd rather be outside than doing some of these things?

5. Defrost the Freezer: And we end on maybe the most exciting project of them all. You'll need to have an other place to store what's currently in your freezer, but if you take everything out then you can defrost over time on a rainy day. We suggest Googling it first.

There you have it, if you even get one of those done you can chalk up this rainy day as a successful one as well.

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