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Six Tips to Survive Thanksgiving

My first job is, and always will be, finding you find or sell your home in the Lehigh Valley. However, I've had my fair share of experience when it comes to the holidays, especially preparing for a large Thanksgiving gathering.

So, before we get back to finding you that dream home, let's take a look at a few ways you can survive this Thanksgiving!

1. Don't Sleep In: But what about going out on Thanksgiving Eve? Well, unless you want to feel miserable for the entirety of Thanksgiving Day, you better get some rest. Getting up early gets you moving.

2. Go About Your Regular Routine As Much As You Can: If you usually get a workout in the evening on Thursday, try to see if you can do it Thursday morning. Keeping things somewhat normal can keep you together.

3. Don't Wear Tight Pants: Hopefully, you have a family that understands the value of flexible fabric. Thanksgiving is not the day for a fashion show.

4. Don't Wait to Eat All Day: While it might seem like a fun idea to save your appetite until dinner is served, that wait can also lead to over eating. Having a decent breakfast or a small snack prior to the main event can actually help you from overstuffing yourself.

5. You Don't Have to Overdo it: Don't feel compelled to put together a feast with 17 side dishes. Going with a few, can't miss favorites can make the preparation and clean up much easier.

6. Don't Forget Vegetables: This should go without saying, but throw a carrot or two in there, okay?

There you have it, some sure-fire ways to get through Thanksgiving in one piece. What are your bets tips?

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