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Five Simple Ways to Help Your Energy Bill

Winter means a chillier home and, for pretty much everyone, a higher heating bill. While there are big changes that can be done to keep your home winterized, those might not necessarily be in your budget.Here are some smaller everyday things you can do to help keep you warm and lower your bill.

1. Keep internal doors closed To maximize the heat that’s being pushed out, keep unused rooms closed off. Why would you heat up your unused guest room? Close the vent and the door, and keep the heat that’s being pushed out only for the rooms that need it.

2. Utilize your oven for multiple meals If you’re cooking in the oven, use all that space to make multiple items. A little meal planning beforehand means you’ll have lots more meals ready to go in the fridge that later require much less energy to reheat. (Bonus: pop open that oven afterwards to distribute the heat and warm up your home after you’re done.)

3. Keep that heat consistently low While a blast of heat might help in the moment, it takes a ton of energy for your boiler to heat up. By keeping it a constant temperature, it never has to use that burst to try and overly catch up when the thermostat is bumped up.

4. Bundle up A warm sweater or soft throw blanket might be all you need to combat that slight chill. Rather than bumping up the heat, try to see if another layer will do the trick! (Hint: add something cozy to your Christmas list!)

5. Don’t block the heat If you have a large plush piece of furniture blocking a vent, that item is only absorbing all that toasty heat. A little rearranging can drastically help the warm air flow get to where it needs to be.

Stay warm this holiday season!

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