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How to Stay Busy at Home

While we all know that social distancing during this time is important, it is still okay to feel a little bit of cabin fever.

It's normal to start to get a bit stir crazy at this time, so we wanted to give you a few ideas to keep yourself a little bit busier.

1. Take a Virtual Class

Over the past few weeks, more and more virtual classes have popped up all over from companies and organizations that normally provide those services in person. A few organizations we know providing some online classes include the Hot Yoga Hut, Cancer Support Community Greater Lehigh Valley, and ArtsQuest!

2. Start a Craft Project

We've seen so many crocheting and knitting projects it's amazing. And while you may not necessarily want to crochet your own Tiger King doll, there are many options out there to keep you busy during this time period. Who knows? Maybe you can even sell them on Etsy when you're done!

3. Start that Book You Didn't Start

Remember that book you were supposed to read by the pool last summer and never got to? Now's the time.

4. Dust Off Some Board Games or Puzzles

We love our new tech devices as much as anyone else, but there's always something to be said for a solid round of Monopoly to bring the family together.... well... sometimes.

5. Try a New Recipe

If you're like me, you always say you never have time to cook. Well, that excuse is a little harder to make right now! Is there something you'd like to try? Are there ingredients in your home you haven't used and want to? Give something a go!

Above all, please stay safe during this time and reach out to me if you have any questions regarding real estate at this time.

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