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Five Things to Spruce Up Your Home Office

Whether you have a home office year-round or are just temporarily setting one up due to world events, it's always a good idea to make it feel "homey". That way, you'll work better, feel better, and maybe not take a two hour lunch in your sweatpants every day.


Grab some greenery Grab a few of those house plants and give them a temporary new home. Just make sure that you’re not changing anything too drastically with sunlight or temperature.

Get a sound machine While a sound machine might not be something you have right on hand, there are a number of apps you can get with all sorts of soothing sounds. From ocean waves to white noise, you can get your zen on with the addition of some relaxing background noise.

Go for a throw A soft throw blanket won’t just make your office look cozy, but it’ll actually, literally be cozier too! Plus it’ll make that stiff office chair much more comfortable.

Add some visual appeal Whether it’s some family photos or artwork you’ve borrowed from another room, a great way to bring some personality to your home office is with photos that make you happy! Bonus points if you use some pieces that come from a space without a lot of foot traffic.

Clear the clutter Lastly, if your office was more of a storage room before you needed it so often, chances are you’ve got a few items that aren’t supposed to be there. Don’t push them further to the side, but actually get them out of there and give yourself the respect of having a nice space to work.

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