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Why We Love Teal

Teal is such an amazing color. It’s cool and crisp while still remaining modern and splashy. But how would you use teal? You’re in luck because not only is it beautiful, but it can be used in a variety of ways.

Accent furniture: This beautiful teal chair not only is amazingly plush and comfortable, but the color can be used as a main focal point to a more neutral toned room. The pops of gold throughout the room combined with the dark jewel tone bring the entirety of the room into focus.

An accent wall: While this room had the risk of looking closed off with such a dark toned wall, the addition of well spaced furniture, warmer shades of color from artwork, and tall lighting bring just the right balance to make this room intimate and inviting.

Art: Minimalism doesn’t mean things have to be boring. By including artwork that includes both intensely bright colors and the deep rich tones of teal, you add a real sense of personality to the room without any of the clutter.Throw


The magic of throw pillows knows no bounds. There isn’t a much easier way to add in the vibrancy of colors than by simply switching up your accent pillows. By combining a variety of shades, they naturally balance out the deep tones with those that are more bold and radiant.

Balancing it all out: Lastly, teal can even be used to bring the tone of the room down. While a mix of adventurous artwork and flooring might have been overpowering, the addition of darker blue tones surrounding the entire space instead brings a cozy vibe to a room, even when it’s filled with energetic pops of color.

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