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Partnership with The Center for Animal Health and Welfare

We've partnered with The Center for Animal Health & Welfare to feature adoptable pets!

This week we feature Lynx and Midnight!

Lynx is a 1 and a half year old female who loves attention from people and is a very easy going cat. Lynx is looking for a home with older, or no children, and either mellow, or no other felines. She is FIV+, but not to worry; It’s not as scary as it sounds. Lynx is looking to live a long, happy, life in a nice calm home.

Midnight is a 2 yr old pitbull mix. He would do best in a quiet, adult only home with no other animals. Midnight needs an experienced handler who is able to dedicate time to working on his behaviors. He is a very sweet boy, but can be very stubborn at times.

Please visit for more information!

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