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What Makes Easton, Pennsylvania a Great Place to Live

I love Easton. The charm. The people. The events. While things may be a little bit different as we all work through this difficult time together, the things that make Easton a wonderful place to live, work, and play are still very evident!

What am I bragging about? Let's take a look.

1. Downtown Dining: Really dining anywhere in Easton, but the downtown area gets a lot of attention due to the sheer number and variety of restaurants. From Mexican to sushi and fried chicken to frozen yogurt, Easton has it all.

Try out: Bayou Easton and Porters' Pub!

2. The Scenery: There are few cities, especially few cities the size of Easton, that have the beautiful views you can find along the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware rivers. You'll routinely find people painting, inspired by the water, people, and picture perfect location.

Try Out: Enjoy a walk through Scott Park in downtown Easton.

3. Getting Outdoors: The parks connect to the Delaware and Lehigh National Hertiage Corridor, which has trails that can take you throughout most of the Lehigh Valley! Kayaking and other water activities dominate the warm months.

Try Out: Stand Up Paddleboarding. It's a lot more difficult than you may think!

4. Events: While many events have been cancelled until 2021 or restructured a bit, Easton is home to Bacon Fest, Garlic Fest, Heritage Days, and many other events that people travel from all over the east coast to!

Try Out: Stay tuned for event updates!

5. The People: Easton is home to some of my favorite people ever and I truly mean that. There's something special about this little spot in Pennsylania. Scratch that. There's a lot special!

Would you like to learn more about moving to Easton? Get in touch with me, Cheryl Smith, at 610-849-2737!

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